How is your New Years Resolution to lose some weight holding up? Did you join a new gym? If so, you signed a contract with the facility. Did you read It? Probably not. Every gym contract has a ‘Release of Liability’ section. This Release intends to bar recovery for an injury occurring on the premises for whatever reason. And these Releases are often upheld by the courts. That means you can be seriously injured in your gym due to equipment failure, for example, and be unable to get your medical bills, lost wages or lifestyle changes compensated for by the facility. Losing weight can be dangerous!

If you have been injured while working out at your neighborhood gym you need to contact an attorney who can read and interpret the language of you gym contract. ┬áThere are ways to make a successful recovery in a ‘gym injury’ case but they’re not easy and they’re not simple. ┬áCall us, or another attorney specializing in Personal Injury matters to discuss the facts of your case.