Been to the Gym Lately?

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How is your New Years Resolution to lose some weight holding up? Did you join a new gym? If so, you signed a contract with the facility. Did you read It? Probably not. Every gym contract has a ‘Release of … Continued

Whiplash and medical treatment.

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Nearly 1/3 of all car crashes are rear-end collisions. When a car is hit from behind, even in a “minor impact” collision, the forces involved are significant. The occupants of the car that is hit are immediately subjected to tremendous … Continued

Slips in a Store

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Slips and falls in supermarkets are a big problem.  So what happens if you slip on water in an isle that you didn’t see?  Is the store responsible for paying your medical bills, your wage losses or compensation for your … Continued

Sidewalk Falls

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Every one of us has stumbled on an uneven sidewalk at one time or another.  Occasionally the trip turns into a fall and when that happens people get hurt.  Sometimes the injuries are life changing.  So who is at fault … Continued

The Next Shoe Falls

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After Howell v. Hamilton, (see blog; “The Insurance Industry”), the landscape for recovery of medical bills in a personal injury case changed.  As a consequence of Howell, which was a California Supreme Court case, lower courts began to make ruling … Continued

Bikes on Sidewalks

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Can an adult bicyclist legally ride on the sidewalk? It’s a simple question that should have a simple answer. Unfortunately that’s not the case. The general rule for a bicycle in California is that a bicycle must obey the same … Continued

Beware of the Insurance Industry!

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The ‘Insurance Industry’ is at it again.  Over the last two years there have been several significant rulings that change the law in personal injury cases in California.  The first and most dramatic change came when the California Supreme Court … Continued

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