Insurance companies do not want you to get help from an experienced attorney. The University of Massachusetts at Amherst has studied techniques used by a major nationwide insurance company. They were able to obtain actual claims-handling training manuals where the insurance company revealed that people who file claims with the assistance of experienced attorneys settle for two to three times more than those who are unrepresented!! With that in mind the claims adjusters are taught to keep injured parties from contacting an attorney.

H.K. Graham lives and works in Santa Cruz, California, one of the most beautiful places on Earth.  He moved to Santa Cruz to attend the University of California at Santa Cruz in 1973 after attending the University of California at Santa Barbara.  While studying at UCSC he worked in the media department and hosted a weekly radio program at the university radio station, KZSC.  He graduated with a B.A. from UCSC in Religious Studies/Psychology in 1976, receiving honors for his senior thesis on the Chinese text, the ‘I Ching’.

After graduation from UCSC he went to work as a carpenter/construction worker. He learned the trades from many talented builders and earned his California General Contractors license in 1979.  While working in the trades he saw how an injury to a worker could financially devastate a family.  It was at about that time that his interests shifted to the law. He applied to the University of Santa Clara Law School and was accepted. After working part-time to support himself and studying full time at SCU he graduated in 1983. He took and passed the California bar exam that same year and began working as a Public Defender in Santa Cruz, California.

As a Public Defender H.K. Graham learned the techniques and skills of litigation. As a Public Defender it was common to have several jury trials scheduled each and every week. It was a rewarding experience and after five years he moved from criminal law to civil law and began practicing law in the field of Personal Injury. He became an associate with a Personal Injury law firm in San Jose, California. He worked at that firm for two years, then became a partner opening offices in San Jose, Santa Cruz and Monterey, California. He opened his own private practice in 1990 with offices in Santa Cruz and San Jose and later in Watsonville and has been in private practice specializing in Personal Injury since then.

H.K. Graham has been married for over three decades and has two grown children. He enjoys the many activities available in the Santa Cruz area including surfing, sailing, fishing, biking, jogging, hiking and puttering in his garden.  He has plans to try other activities enjoyed by many in the area including Stand Up Paddling, kayaking and kite surfing,  He has been making wine with family members in the Paso Robles/San Miguel area for over ten years.  The non-commercial label of “Rancho Lomas Vineyard” has won several awards at the San Miguel County Fair and other wine tasting events over the years.